My kids and I have been fighting something this week, so, I’ve been marathon-watching Dawson’s Creek–a show I haven’t seen since college.

If you aren’t familiar, there’s a lot age-inappropriate drama, an unparalleled amount of khaki, and just when you weren’t looking, more drama.

A friend sent me this on FB, and it basically sums up the show:

Because my brain is once again a cloud of congestion, this blog post is possibly not going to win any awards for eloquence or depth of meaning– and we’ll be back to our series on Singleness ASAP.

But, I did wonder…why do we return to such terrible television? Is it a break from life? Does it make us nostalgic for a time that never actually existed? Do we really just NOT want to wait for our lives to be over? Do we want to know right now what will it be? (dooot doot doot dooot) 

I’ve seriously got to stop this and do something constructive with my life.

In the meantime, I HAD to share some of my favorite DC quotes:

Defining their relationship (at age 15) Joey and Dawson had this moment of brilliance:
 â€œWhat is this when Harry met 80’s crap? That doesn’t apply to us. We transcend it.”
Pacey talking to Andy, who wonders if she’ll end up homeless (for making a mistake in school):
You’re rich. Rich people don’t end up on the street. They end up in Florida.”
And finally, Dawson on Life:
“All the questions in the universe;all the answers to life’s questions can be found in a Spielberg movie.”
And in the middle of all of that wonderful cheese is this one…spoken by Jenn’s therapist:
You’re here to stop hating yourself. See, when you acted out at the age you did…something robbed you of your childhood. The reason you keep acting out, the reason you stayed on a self-destructive path is not because you blame your father. It’s because you blame yourself. You’ll keep robbing yourself of life’s greatest moments until you prove yourself right. But you’re wrong. You are a beautiful, innocent, young woman who’s meant to shine in this world in ways you cant even begin to fathom. And I’m here to help you do that.”
That one’s actually kind of good; kind of…shameless. I might have to quote it in a book one day.

Yeah. I definitely need to turn off the tv and do something constructive with my life.
What about you? Got any guilty pleasure shows?

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